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Linen Shirts For Men

Linen Shirts are extremely popular these days because of their style, color, and comfort. A linen shirt is very versatile since it can be worn in certain settings as an almost formal shirt belying the fact that it is casual in nature. A linen shirt can be worn one evening so you are well dressed at a barbecue or beach cocktail party and worn the next morning with swimming trunks when going to the beach!

The range of custom options available on all our shirts allows for that flexibility with your linen shirt. You can have long sleeve or short sleeve shirts and also select a collar that is most appropriate for the shirt you are designing. Our collars come with removable collar stays which allow the shirt to be more formal when needed and less formal once the stays are removed.

We offer a basic linen fabric that is 100% Linen and a Deluxe Linen fabric that is also 100% Linen. The Deluxe Linen has a tighter weave that allows for the fabric to be softer where normal Linen can be a little bit coarse especially before it has been washed a few times. To view information on linen shirts click on the fabric video above.

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If you want a linen shirt for yourself or even want to outfit your entire wedding party in linen shirts, we have what you need. Visit us online to get the linen shirts that you have always craved!